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Welcome to my site!

Hi! my mane is josh, and this is my web site. for a hobby I animate flash cartoons. I'm not very good, but I have a couple decent cartoons. this site is named after my favorite.

Cartoon Updates

Depresidio 3 is OUT!! YAY! (not like anyone watches my crap anyway.)


Give me some ideas. if there's one thing I lack is some good ideas. my address is depresidio@yahoo.com

If You hate my cartoon:

1. You suck.

2. You voted for nader.

3. You are definitely not gothic, however, I'm not gothic for the record.

4. You have a relative with the name  hitler.

Here is the link to depresidio 2 I'm sure everyone is stoked about. all 5 of you. *sniff*